A good advertisement tells you the benefit of the product she is selling.


Actually we can find many media to sell the product in our daily life,
just add a little bit creativity, then things can be done:)

Although is it quite interesting, it is horrible:S:S:S

haha I can never guess the story development would be like this.

It is clever to sell their main product – french fries using this method,
they successfully made use of the spacing to create this advertisement.

I think this ad. is creative in showing the diversification of products.

With so many unknown languages, I feel annoying and don’t wanna watch it.
At the end, it tells people not to crumb the snack.

After so many descriptions,
McDonalds want to tell us that it is pointless to promote discounts in different ways,

When I was watching this tvc,
I do hope that the lil kid would success to break the drawer.
Lastly, Ikea want to tell audiences that they sell products with high quality.

Watsons used Bonaqua to be the comparison, saying they do not boil the water.
Although the bottle of Bonaqua is blurred, audiences all know it.

But I’m just wondering,
does it really work to compare with other brand?